Coloured bird rings

Normal or extra strong aluminum

These rings are of the highest quality. They follow the color codes of C.O.M. The coding on these rings has a lot of contrast and they have a much better corrosion resistance than the non-colored rings. The color code shows the age of the bird from a distance. The ring also ensures better recognition of the bird.

Available sizes

All sizes prescribed by various ornithological associations between 2.0 and 32 mm.


Federations: The marking is adapted to the instructions of the associations. Letter codes assigned to federations are exclusive and can not serve for annual rings or for other clubs.

Shops: For shops, the year, the ring size and the serial number are engraved as standard. If desired, a 3-character code can also be engraved on the rings. Do you want a different format or text? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will see what the possibilities are.


Color codes according to COM

2022: brown: RAL 8015

2023: blue: RAL 5019

2024: red: RAL 3002

2025: black: RAL 9005

2026: dark green: RAL 6026

2027: violet: RAL 4008

Normal aluminum rings

These are aluminum rings, anodized in the color according to the COM color scheme.

Ordering code for clubs / shops 2022: BRZA

Ordering code for clubs / shops 2023: BLZA

Extra strong rings

These rings are significantly stronger than the standard rings and meet the minimum tensile strength required in Flanders for native birds. They are also more resistant to damage by the bird itself. Attention: the color can be damaged by Parrots or other birds with strong beaks! For these species we advise to use stainless steel rings.

Ordering code for clubs / shops 2022: BRHA

Ordering code for clubs / shops 2023: BLHA

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