Aluminium standard

Aluminium is the standard material for bird rings.

Aluminium rings are coloured and varnished after the engraving process to have a better and longer lasting readability.

Aluminium non-coloured rings are also available in extra strong aluminium. These rings are significantly stronger and meet the minimum tensile strength required for native species. They are also more resistant to damage by the birds beak.

Available sizes

All sizes prescripted by ornithological associations between 2,0 mm (2,3 mm for extra strong aluminium) and 32 mm.


  • Year ring type 1: year + serial number
  • Year ring type 2: letter code (max. 3 characters) + year + serial number
  • Associations: Marking following instruction of the association. Letter codes of associations are exclusive and cannot be used for year rings.


Order code normal aluminium: ALZB

Order code extra strong aluminium: ALHB

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